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Our Dog Training Services

Cloud 9 Canine offers a variety of dog training services for any schedule, all owner experience levels, and diverse learning goals. Our training services are designed to meet you and your dog where you are at and provide the support to get you where you want to be. C9C dog trainers are credentialed through the nationally-accredited Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and required to uphold standards for ethical practice, continuing education, and client-centered service.

Training Consultations

Get off on the right paw with your dog’s training! Meet your trainer, discuss your dog’s goals, and receive activities to kickstart training! Consultations are a first step for all brand new training clients and allow us to set you and your dog up for a successful learning experience. 

Group Training Classes

In this uniquely small setting of 4 dogs, we thoughtfully place together pups and their people with similar goals for a group training experience at our facility. Enjoy all the benefits of a group setting with a semi-private feel in a supportive atmosphere.

Drop Off Day Training

Similar to a board & train without the stress of a kennel environment, you leave your dog with us and we do the training work for you! This program includes 4, once-weekly half days of 4 hours of training in small groups of dogs at our facility.

Training Walks

Let us take the hassle out of training! Our dog trainers will come to your home to exercise and train your dog without you needing to be present; this is a solo walking & training session with your dog and their trainer with video demonstrations and homework included.

Private Coaching

Whether in-home, over virtual Zoom sessions, or at our facility, we offer private coaching for your household to work directly with our trainer. Our trainer will give your dog and your household their undivided attention while equipping you with the knowledge and skills to meet the goals of dogs at all ages and stages of their training journey.

Puppy Program

For the puppy parents looking to bring up their puppies as well-rounded members of their family! We offer three levels of packages that include private coaching, socialization lessons, and training walks to get your puppy’s training underway from day one to set them up for a lifetime of adventures and household harmony.

Training Process

Our Values

+R Training Paradigm: We utilize reward-based practices, considering the holistic needs of the dogs we work with. These practices extend far beyond food rewards—the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of your dog is prioritized in the careful implementation of all training interventions.
Client-Centered Goals: There are two ends to a leash, and successful training outcomes are defined by both ends! We believe in openly meeting you & your dog wherever you are and coming alongside you to get you where you want to be.
Top-Down Approach: When changing or teaching behavior, we first work with you and your dog to examine the root causes of behavior to design effective intervention plans for your dog.
Universal Learners: As your dog learns from you, so you will learn from your dog, and your trainer will learn from the experience of their valuable time with you–we believe everyone participating equally in the learning process facilitates the most progress.

We hold strongly to our beliefs in advocating for ethical and evidence-based practice in the pet industry. We have attached position statement guidelines from two accredited national organizations below to openly provide the general public with an idea of how we apply these values to our training services.

Dog Training Rates

Training Consultations
1-on-1 meeting with your Certified Professional Dog Trainer® to evaluate your training needs, design a plan to meet your goals, and introduce activities to get started.
Zoom virtual only. 45 minutes.
Group Classes
4 weeks of in-person class, a maximum of 4 dog-human teams, and tons of fun! Our most cost-effective training option.
*Pre-Class Training Consultation Included*
Drop Off Day Training Program
4 half-day sessions, once weekly, for 4 hours within our facility. Maximum of 4 total dogs with enrichment, exercise, and socialization in between your dog’s 1-on-1 training sessions.
*Includes Pre & Post Program Consultation*
Private Coaching
1-on-1 individual sessions with your household and your Certified Professional Dog Trainer® in-home, in our facility, or over Zoom.
*Packages offer consultations and discounted rates.*
Training Walks
Professional training dog walks with your Certified Professional Dog Trainer® and your dog for convenient, worry-free training progress that doesn’t interfere with your schedule.
*Packages offer consultations and discounted rates.*
Puppy Program
Starting at $590
Puppy-specific developmental programs designed to give your puppy the training, exercise, and socialization they need to thrive.
*Three levels of packages offered.*

C9C Training Graduates

An album to commemorate the hard work of local pups & their humans following their participation in C9C training programs!

Service Area & Training Facility Location

The blue shaded area is our primary service area—residences in this address are eligible for any service in-home. The gray shaded area is our extended service area, which we can serve at an extended visit (2 hour) minimum. The yellow landmark is our office and training space at 1613 Riverview Drive.

If you would like to come in to see our training space prior to attending training, clients are welcome to stop by during our office hours; however, visitors must:

– Have a client account with a signed Service Agreement Contract on file prior to visiting.
– Leave their dogs at home, or make arrangements in advance to bring their dog along when it is safe and non-disruptive to the dogs receiving services on the floor.
– Remain in the lobby until welcomed back to the training floor for the safety of all parties present in the space (i.e, we serve fearful and reactive pets that may not be ready to have a stranger entering their space during their private session).

We appreciate your understanding.

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