Pet Care

Pet Care Service Options

Cloud 9 Canine offers a variety of services to meet the needs of our diverse base of clients seeking professional service. All pet care services are provided from the comfort and familiarity of your home for pets of all shapes and sizes, including dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, chickens, & fish to ensure your pets are covered while you are away from home! Services are provided in home and available year-round, including holidays, during daytime hours from 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Dog Walking

Dog walks get your pup’s body moving and nose working! Whether your pet loves to burn off energy, track down a scent trail, or enjoy the fresh air, regular dog walks are an essential component of enriching your dog’s daily life. Dog walks are individualized experiences tailored to your dog’s needs: let us know if they’d prefer a relaxing stroll around the block, a jaunty trek through the woods, or a brisk walk in the park.

Drop In Visits

Drop in visits ensure your pet is cared for while you are out of the home. Whether your pet is in need of a snuggle buddy, exercise partner, or a quick trip outside, Cloud 9 Canine is here to help! Drop ins may include feeding, cleaning up after your pet, playtime, or companionship—we will perform all tasks that are part of your pet’s routine during our visit with them.

Extended Visits

Extended Visits provide in-home care for pets that benefit from consistent presence of a Team Member in the home. This includes pets needing supervision after an operation, pets with separation anxiety, pets with high energy levels, young or senior pets, or pets whose humans will be away from home for more than a day or two. Each Extended Visit includes meeting your pet’s basic needs plus companionship and creative enrichment activities from their care provider!

Pet Sitting

Going away overnight, for a weekend, or on a vacation and needing your pets’ care fully covered? We will provide your pets with a stay-cation of their own! Schedule any combination of drop ins, walks, extended visits, or field trips that best mimics their natural routine. All services are available daily year-round, including weekends and holidays, during daytime hours from 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Meet & Greets

All new clients will start with an in-home Meet & Greet to walk through your care instructions and ensure you and your pet(s) are comfortable prior to your first service. Meet & Greets are only required once (prior to a first-time booking), then additional Meet & Greets may also be reserved as you’d like, such as if you have a significant change to care instructions or you’d like to meet additional C9C team members in-person.

Field Trips

Their world deserves to be bigger than their backyard! Field trips provide an exciting outing full of sights, sounds, and sniffs to get your dog’s energy out and build their confidence. Let us know what park, trail, or other pet-friendly area you would like for us to take your dog to, and we will take care of the rest!

Pet Taxi

If your pet needs a ride to their grooming appointment, back home from daycare, or to be dropped off anywhere on their route for the day, we’re here to help! Our Pet Taxi service offer your pets their own personal “Uber” to or from any destination within our service area.

Accompanied Veterinary Visit

Offered due to popular request from the working pet parents or pet parents unable to leave their homes, we offer a service for getting your pet the essential medical care they ned to support their health. This service includes a ride to and from the vet and a professional handler comforting your pet during their appointment as well as documenting all veterinary notes back to you.

What We Offer

🐾 Work day walks or let-outs during morning, midday, afternoon, evening, or night shifts.
🐾 Weekend care for the entire weekend, dropping by in the middle of your day trip, or stopping in for your pets’ dinner.
🐾 Professional dog walking for large dogs, reactive dogs, high-energy dogs, dogs with special needs, small dogs, senior dogs, young puppies, and everything in between.
🐾 Pet sitting overnight, over the weekend, for a few days, or for a few weeks—with us handling all of your pets’ care while you’re away from home on business, vacation, or personal matters.
🐾 Supportive services of short or long-term routine care–such as for people recovering from an injury/surgery or undergoing life transitions, enabling older adults to maintain pet ownership (at home or within skilled nursing communities), caring for pets with busy humans, or skilled care for pets with behavioral needs or in-training.
🐾 As-needed or occasional services for services only needed every now and then, including one-time events such as weddings where family and friends are not available.
🐾 Recurring weekly schedules of “standing appointments” with a set schedule or set number of services each week.
🐾 Last-minute care for the life events that do not follow planned schedules, such as family emergencies (established clients only).

Client Testimonials

Unsure about our service structure/pets being alone overnight during pet sitting? This is a common initial concern for pet parents, and we want to honor your advocacy of knowing what is best for your pet. If you are curious about giving pet sitting with C9C a try, we would love to make time to talk with you about how we can set your pet up for a successful pet sitting experience—contact us to make arrangements, or hear for yourself from our client testimonials in the video below!

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Our Service Area

The blue shaded area is our primary service area—residences in this address are eligible for any services in their home.
The gray shaded area is our extended service area, which we can serve at an extended visit (2 hour) minimum.
The yellow landmark is our office and training space.
If your home is just outside of a boundary, please give us a call: we’d love to discuss your needs over the phone!

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The team at Cloud 9 are absolutely amazing! We were recommended to them from some friends and family and it was the best decision we made! They follow every little detail you leave for them when it comes to your home and your pups. They also send TONS of pictures of your fur-babies to show you all the fun that’s happening! They are also incredible with our puppy! I Highly recommend Cloud 9 for all your doggie needs from walking to little visits to pet sitting stays!

– Chelsea H.

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