Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Pet-related businesses are cropping up everywhere as demand for pet care services rise. This is exciting for pet parents having access to resources they may not have in previous years, but it also makes the decision of who to trust your pet with that much more complicated. There are wonderful facilities in the dog-friendly area of Kalamazoo, but we’d like to take the opportunity to share the pros of hiring a pet sitter.

🐾  Limit the spread of diseases and parasites.

Placing many pets together in a facility greatly increases the risk of contracting infections such as kennel cough, canine influenza, and parasites. Quality facilities maintain strict cleaning and disinfection protocols to reduce this risk, but pets avoid this risk by remaining in their homes away from large groups of unfamiliar pets. This is also beneficial for pets with reduced immune systems.

🐾  Reduce anxiety. 

While facilities typically remain relatively peaceful apart from feeding times, these brief intervals of chaos can be highly stressful to even the most confident of pets. Young or senior pets may be especially prone to anxiety and struggle to settle in. Staying in the home is typically recommended for young, elderly, or anxious pets that may not do well in a facility.

🐾  Maintain regular structure and routine.

In addition to reducing stress caused by commotion in a facility, professional pet sitters are knowledgeable about the importance of structure in your dogs’ lives and how this affects behavior. Professional pet sitters are mindful of how to manage behaviors and follow your detailed care instructions to give pets a sense of knowing what to expect in your absence without having to make an adjustment to a different routine.

🐾  Individualized attention.

While in your home, pet sitters are able to focus directly on your pets and provide a higher level of care than in a facility where attention must be divided between dozens or even hundreds of others. Pet sitters will provide you with direct communication (at least two detailed reports of what your pets have been up to that day) to allow you to have peace of mind that they are in good hands while you are away.

🐾  Care for your entire home.

Finally, pet sitting has the unique benefit of attending to your entire home. Pet sitters ensure your home is cleaned, secure, and taken care of so you may return home without worrying about whether you left a window open, forgetting to keep your plants watered, or having a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for you when you walk in. Pet sitters take pride in watching over both your pets and your home when you choose us.

At Cloud 9 Canine, we pride ourselves in being able to provide care through a team of highly trained, professional pet sitters that will care for your pets while you’re away from home for any reason. We train all staff in top-tier service protocols to ensure you are regularly communicated with, your pets are kept safe and comfortable, and your home is watched over until you return. We look forward to all the pets we have the joy of spending time with throughout the busy summer season!

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