Bringing Home Your New Best Friend

When people seek out a new dog to add to their home, there is a lot of variables to take into consideration. The vast amount of information available on the Internet is daunting to sort through, and it is frustrating to find information that contradicts itself or is not realistic.

Here at Cloud 9 Canine, we strive to provide increased awareness about how to improve the quality of life of people’s pets throughout the lifespan, even before they come home. Through this guide, we aim to provide a solid foundational understanding about how to find a pet that is the best fit for you and your family.

Information about responsible pet sourcing is not widely available and not common knowledge. Therefore, we aim to empower pet owners to make informed choices about supporting ethical practices when rescuing a dog or getting a puppy from a breeder. This guide places all of that information in one place and outlines exactly what to look for in a shelter or breeder so you and your new best friend can get off on the right paw from day one!


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